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All of the rules below are comprehensible and detailed. If you decide to be sly and try to bypass any of the rules below your faction will be immediately punished depending on the situation. A faction may receive a strike for any of the following regulations below.
If you are having trouble interpreting these regulations please seek support on our Discord!

Strike Guidelines:
  • First strike (Warning)​
  • Second strike (10% spawner value decrease)​
  • Third strike (25% spawner value decrease)​
  • Fourth strike (50% spawner value decrease)​
  • Fifth strike (100% spawner value decrease)​
You may appeal a faction strike by contacting a Manager/Owner in the discord. We reserve the right to forcefully disband any faction found in serious violations of our rules. If a forceful faction disband occurs all players in that faction will have their balances/player vaults reset. If a player/faction has broken factions rules. It must be brought up to us within 24hrs or it may not be dealt with.

Common Sense Rule:
  • If you try to bypass the rules with small technicalities, you will most likely be punished. The rule broken is determined by the staff member and they have the last word.
  • Any duping or use of serious glitches will result in automatic disqualification and disbanding.
Raid Detectors:
  • Using raid detectors/TNT detectors is prohibited and will result in a strike.
ALT Factions:
  • Making alt factions in order to claim multiple FTop rewards is against the rules and will result in disqualification from FTOP rewards.
  • ALT Factions or ALT accounts may not be used to evade any of these rules.
  • You may not put ALT Accounts on your walls
  • You are only allowed to merge factions if authorized by management.
  • All FTop value is to be destroyed from the faction that is merging.
  • If TNT gained illegally from the merging faction is used to raid a base/cannon a rollback may occur.
  • If a faction has received a surplus amount of spawners from crates, they are allowed to take them with them, please ask a manager to validate this move.
  • You are not allowed to hide value, all value must be placed when grace ends.
  • You cannot claim many random chunks and place value in each of them in an attempt to spread out your f-top value all over the world. 85% of your faction wealth should be placed in one claimed base throughout the map. If you decide to change bases throughout the season, the previous base should be unclaimed.
Faction Names:
  • During SOTW a senior staff member (depending on the circumstances) may forcefully give a faction their rightful name if it's taken.
  • A faction may only claim a single corner regardless of which world it is claimed in, extras will be removed and repeat offenses will result in the faction being punished.
Bitch claiming:
  • Bitch claiming is not allowed during the grace period.
  • Useless claims will not be allowed during the entire map.
Blacklisted Players:
  • For every blacklisted player in your faction or directly related to your faction, two faction strikes will be issued.
  • This also includes a player being caught blacklist evading.
  • Insiding is not permitted; if a player is caught insiding they will be banned and a rollback of value will occur.
  • When a player adds spawners or items to a base or faction claim they belong to the faction and not the player.
  • When a faction raids a base all the spawners and wealth from the breached boxes belong to the faction. A faction member refusing to give to the faction will be considered insiding.
  • The faction leader must reasonably decide whether a player is insiding before any action is taken.
  • The senior staff team may consider other activities as insiding that are not listed here. As-well as deciding not to punish a player for taking very little wealth from a faction or having a reason to take it.
  • Only actions done in-game can be considered insiding although evidence from discord or other places may be taken into consideration.
Leeching / Raid Interfering:
  • If a faction is caught interfering with a raid or leeching a faction strike will be issued. A rollback may occur when necessary.
  • If there is one or more unrelated faction members fighting/preventing you from raiding/defending the unrelated faction will be punished. The raid will be stopped and rolled back if a senior staff team determined that it had a significant impact and the unrelated faction was not teleported in by the raiding/defending faction.
  • There is no tolerance for ally/truce raiding. If you are found truce raiding both cannons will immediately be world edited, and the defending faction will be set on grace.
  • You are not allowed to interfere with raids in ANY way, you are not allowed to help counter, or help raid in ANY way.
  • You are not allowed to enter a base that your faction has not breached. Any wealth that was taken by an unrelated faction will be removed and given to the raiding faction.
  • A faction may not have factionless people or separate factions to help grind, PvP, defend, or raid.
  • A player may not be in two factions on separate accounts.
  • If a faction decides to give up on a map they may not give any advantages to another faction.
  • A faction can not build a cannon/cannon box and unclaim for another faction to claim.
  • A faction may not give wealth, or TNT to another faction.
Patching walls:
  • A faction may not patch walls during a raid with schematic, sandbots, or genblocks.
  • The players guilty of doing so will be punished a faction strike will only occur if this happens multiple times.
  • Fly Patching with /Fly is not allowed during a raid and will result in a 1d Temp Ban and a faction strike.
  • Wilderness Patching or extending your buffer is not allowed and will also result in a 1d Temp Ban and a faction strike.
  • You can only gen patch after the first phase of grace.
  • You must not intervene with a faction who is on grace.
  • These Rules apply to Raiding Outpost As well.
  • If you are being actively raided, you are NOT allowed to alter your spawners in any way (If spawners are altered during a raid, the spawners will simply be given to the raiding faction.) If you encase the spawners, the encasement will be removed/spawners given to the raiders, according to staff discretion.
  • You cannot blow up any spawner(s) to hide value bypass mining cost or discourage the raiding faction.
  • Your spawners cannot be scattered on the ceiling, walls, or other obscure areas of the base or in any location that would not be considered a "spawner box", thereby making it harder to obtain.
  • You are only allowed two spawner boxes in your base (excluding blazes, which still must follow the other placement rules for spawners).
  • During a raid spawners that are mined/destroyed by the defending faction will be given to the raiding faction.
  • Spawners illegally placed will not count towards FTOP when a payout screenshot is taken.
  • Spawners may not be taken down when your shield ends or hidden in any capacity.
  • A faction has 24h to fix their spawners or another strike will be issued.
  • All spawners must be physically placed in your base. Spawners must be in (1) base & you are permitted 2 spawner boxes in 1 base.
  • Spawners cannot be hidden, in any way, shape, or form. (This is a payout map)

  • Using scripts to farm, print, or anything related to gaining wealth is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: botting sugarcane and/or nuking auto-clicking, printing, and most forms of AFK farming.
  • You may not use scripts to gain an advantage over another faction.
  • You may not use the F11 trick to gain wealth.
  • Under no circumstances is any form of detector allowed that will inform you that you are being raided.
  • The maximum base size may not exceed 6 x 6 chunks and the minimum base size is 2 x 2.
  • Your buffer may not extend beyond 15 chunks. This buffer will be counted from the first wall of the base and the last.
  • You are permitted (1) counter per side, with 40 walls maximum on each one.
  • If a faction is found to have an illegal claim or buffer and is not fixed in 24hrs of being notified it will be unclaimed or removed.
  • If you build your base next to another faction there must be a 60 chunk gap for raid claims from the end of the buffer of the base to the end of your base's buffer. A base in the corner takes priority and the other base will be removed if this rule is violated.
  • You are allowed to move bases once per season, and you’re only allowed to move when your shield is disabled, you will not receive any grace.
  • To be eligible for f-top rewards, you must have a sufficient number of walls on your base. You are not permitted to wait until the last day to build these walls.
  • Regen walls are in no cases allowed in your buffer.
  • Your base and spawner box must be at least 40 y levels in height.
  • Finnster / Anti-Nuke Walls are not permitted.
  • You can not make your entire base buffer including your walls a source block ocean
  • You are allowed a source block ocean of 1 chunk.
  • To be eligible for FTop payout your base needs to have walls up at least 10 chunks away from your base on all necessary sides. The base in question must include your spawners.
  • Any base or cannon box that is deemed unreachable via ender pearls or with easy access water is illegal.
Raid claims:
  • You are not allowed to have a raid claim bigger than a 13 by 13 that can be adjusted for counters.
  • You can only have one raid claim per one side of base.
  • A raid claim is any claim within close vicinity to an enemy base or containing part of a cannon lined up to fire at an enemy base.
  • Your cannon must be claimed to raid a base. If an unclaimed cannon is used then it may result in a rollback and a faction strike if it did a significant amount of damage.
  • You are not allowed to have an anti-raid claim bigger than a 10 by 10. You can only have two anti-raid claims per side of the base which can not be in line with each other vertically and horizontally.
  • Attempting to cannon from one's own base to another one that it might be in line with is not allowed.
  • Abusing a shield and protected chunk on their own raid claim is strictly forbidden and will result in at minimum an immediate strike, quickly followed by more severe consequences.
  • The maximum amount of walls on the cannon box: 24
  • These Rules apply to Raiding Outpost As well.
Cannoning Rules:
  • Roof cannons are not allowed.
  • Cannons that are made to intentionally lag the server are not allowed.
  • Cannons that are not allowed: U-Fusion/Double Adjust, mid-airs, multiple one-shots, Push/Pull Nukes, Wall Removers/Horizontal Nukes/Horizontal Pseudos, Horizontal Nukes/Pseudos, Worm Cannons (Auto Adjusts are not allowed whatsoever, Overstackers are allowed to the extent of 6 blocks).
  • Float claims may be at a maximum size of 10x1 chunks (10 long, 1 wide)
  • Only one faction can raid a base or cannon box at a time. You can not raid the same base another faction is currently raiding, doing so will result in a strike.
  • Left/Right shooting and corner/diagonal shooting is not allowed.
  • You can not bypass the cannon speed limit with reversing mechanics or any sort of mechanics.
  • Cannons may only shoot every 3 seconds with 1 exception; you are allowed to bypass the speed limit of 3 seconds under Y:10, up to .5 seconds. Reverse cannons still have to follow the 3 seconds per shot rule.
  • You can not bypass the dispenser limit set server-side designed to limit the amount of TNT fired from a cannon.
  • You can not cannon any cannon box from behind or counter cannon boxes in raid claims from the same side as the world border if the cannon box is in line with any part of your base.
  • You must wait 5 minuets before setting up another side in attempt to breach the raiding faction's cannon box.
  • You must wait 10 minuets before swithcing from buffer counter to side counter.
  • you must wait 5 minuets from the last shot before gen patching your cannon box.
  • You CAN NOT side and shoot your buffer counter at the same time.
  • If you would like to switch sides while raiding you must unclaim the cannon box on the other side and wait 15 mins before setting up another and 10 minuets if you choose to stay on the same side.
  • You can only breach a cannon box from the side opposite the world border or from the front if it is your buffer counter.
  • You can not make a cannon box or walls in wilderness and then proceed to claim it, must be claimed first.
  • These Rules apply to Raiding Outpost As well.

~ LotusMC Management Team
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