Denied Kristoofer's Staff Application

What is your IGN? Kristoofer

What is your discord username? Kristofer-#0386

What is your age? 17

What is your timezone? Gmt+3

Do you have a working microphone and headset? Yes

How often can you be online I can be on the server for max 12hour a day if needed.

Why are you interested in applying for our team? I think staffing on Lotus could be fun, since the server is decently active and the other staff members seem awesome.

What made you chose our team over others? I chose to apply here because its the second best faction server out right now

Do you have any past staff experience? If so, please explain in further detail Ive been staffing on codemc for the past 2-3months. Started as a Mod, now im a SrMod.

What makes you stand out over other applicants? (300+ words) Im the best

Do you have anything else to add? No

Do you agree not to message a staff member about your application until it has been at least 3 days? No


Staff member
Greetings @Kristofer,

Thank you for applying! Unfortunately your application has been denied for the following reason(s):

- Lack of detail and effort put into the questions on your application.

Feel free to re-apply in a week.
- LotusMC Staff Management