Important Mystic Realm: SOTW @ 12pm EST


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The next map for Factions Mystic will begin on Saturday, January 22nd @ 12 PM EST!

The map will last 3 weeks, F-Top payouts will be issued February 14th.

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Sugarcane, Cactus, & Mob Spawner economy

✨Faction Top Payouts ✨

● #1 $150.00 PayPal
● #2 $75.00 Buycraft Voucher
● #3 $50.00 Buycraft Voucher

💎NEW! Gems Shop 💎

We're happy to introduce a new in game currency, which can be used for crate keys, Mythic level enchants, Power Tools + Chunk Collectors, and much more! Obtain gems to use in /gems shop by winning KoTH events, Envoys, and boss battles!

Gems will not reset when this map or consecutive maps end.