Denied UhTuff's Staff Application

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What is your IGN? UhTuff

What is your discord username? UhTuff#8696

Have you applied before? Yes

Please link your application here I couldn't find it sorry.

What is your age? 15

What is your timezone? EST

Do you have a working microphone and headset? Yes

Are you able to devote time into your position? Yes

Why are you interested in applying for our team? First let me say I really enjoy the community that we have on LotusMC. I would like to be staff for many reasons. The main reason being that I think that someone who has played on your server for a period of time would be better than someone who was a staff member from the get go. When you have experience talking to staff / interacting with staff members as a player you learn what to do and not do within reason so you do not piss people off. My experience with staff below the rank of Mod has been mostly been sub par because of their judgement. I feel as though if I were to become a Helper or any role. I would not be so "1 sided," and not assume the worst in every situation, as I have experienced trial mods have done in the past. I feel like I will be able to see things from the players perspective, which in the long run I feel will improve the interactions players have with lower level staff members.

What made you chose our team over others? Because its a new server, and i would like to be apart of it.
i feel like we can do some great things together.

Do you have any past staff experience? If so, please explain in further detail Yes, I do I did but I lost it when I was on vacation and I lost it. So I want to help more so they can enjoy it like they did with other ranks.

What makes you stand out over other applicants? Time - Management: Having good time - management is essential for being a great staff member. It helps with finishing items quickly, effectively, and on time. It also helps with having extra time to focus on other items that are needed. I have learned from my parents (who don’t have the best time - management) how needed time - management really is and what happens when you lack it.

- Communication: Having good communication is very helpful in being on a staff team. It helps with discussing items within the team, relaying information/ideas, communicating problems and forms fixes. I have learned my communication skills from being in so many different teams in and out of Minecraft.

- Organization: Being organized is extremely needed for not just being a staff member but for life in general. It helps with productivity, flow of communication within the team and community, it helps clear my mind, sparks creativity, etc. I have always been a very organized person not just keeping my stuff together but when doing stuff online. I am always able to create spreadsheets/docs to keep ideas/numbers organized, make discords and forums, format announcements and anything with words. I use my organization skills online and off with school, home life, and staffing.

- Fast - Learner: Being a fast - learner has benefited my time as staff. It helps while learning new things and has allowed me to spread my time and learn so many things. Now I know everything from being a Staff Manager to being a Community Manager and everything in between. I love learning new things and I am very fast at learning them.

- Activity: Activity is an essential part of being on a staff team for obvious reasons. It helps with knowing the community, figuring out the ways of staff, knowing how things are run so you can answer questions, and just being there for people who need to ask questions or need help. In previous servers, I have always been in the top for activity for each week sometimes getting around the 12+ hours a week.

- Experience: Experience isn’t an essential part of being a staff member but it does help immensely. I have experience from developing to leading a staff team to owning a server and everything in between. It helps as I know mostly what I am doing, I know what higher ups are looking for and even can help them in more ways than the average helper.

Do you have anything else to add? There maybe some days I might no be as active as I am in extra curricular activities.

Are you able to get on the server on a short notice? Yes

Do you agree not to create drama whether your application is accepted or denied? Yes

Do you agree not to message a staff member about your application until it has been at least 3 days? Yes

Are you able to make your staffing experience here a commitment? Yes

Are you currently staff on any other server or platform? No


Staff member
Greetings @Griefff,
Thank you for applying! Unfortunately your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
- Plagiarism
Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks.
~LotusMC Staff Management
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