Pending Interview rattinem's Staff Application

What is your IGN? rattinem

What is your discord username? vincxnt#0304

What is your age? 18

What is your timezone? NA PST

Do you have a working microphone and headset? Yes

How often can you be online everyday, I am going to start working full time here soon so will be on AU times during the weekdays, Weekends im usually free all day though (with exceptions)

Why are you interested in applying for our team? I always like helping players, both new players who need advice and help with how to play, and the comp players who have questions about rules, reporting players, etc. I also hate people who cheat, I think it ruins the game and I'd be proactive in minimizing cheating on your server to make it a better experience for everyone.

What made you chose our team over others? While I haven't had many interactions with the staff, from the dialogues we have had it is clear you guys are very friendly while also keeping it professional, I want to join the Lotus staff team in hopes to grow to know you guys and the Lotus community, You guys are often bombarded with questions and probably get a lot of tickets and I'm here to lighten the load.

Do you have any past staff experience? If so, please explain in further detail Only lower staff positions on lesser known servers as I've always enjoyed playing, recently I was a mod on retroverse but that server didnt last very long. A while back I was a admin on timelesspvp if any of you have heard of that server.

What makes you stand out over other applicants? (300+ words) Well I think first of all I work rally good with a team, I think of myself as friendly and I love to collaborate. I also think I could bring a lot of ideas to the server to improve everyone's experience. I am a natural leader and know how to take initiative when needed. I am far less toxic then a lot of comp players and even if I do have beef with other players I wouldn't let it get in the way of my staff or my professionality. Now if we're being honest here, I know almost nothing about back end work when it comes to the server, but I am a quick learner and am more then down to take learn from anyone who's willing to offer up the help.

Do you have anything else to add? I really do enjoy this server guys. The first map was definitely rocky but that's bound to happen. I love the plugins you guys use and just overall its a great vibe on the server, even if its a small community most are friendly and seem like they are here for more then just payout.

Do you agree not to message a staff member about your application until it has been at least 3 days? Yes


Staff member
Greetings @rattinem,

Thank you for applying and congratulations! Your application has been accepted into Pending Interview. Please DM me on Discord to set up an appropriate interview time.

Best of luck,
- LotusMC Staff Management